Ethical Tihnking Essay

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“Boys Will Be Boys” “Boys will be boys.” I have been hearing this statement all of my life and frankly I believe it to be absolutely absurd. This scenario gives a great example of how most of society thinks related to gender socialization. The teenage boys probably adapted this type of behavior from their peers or mass media. Even though family has a stronger influence over long-termed behaviors, peer groups or mass media play and important and sometimes detrimental role in development (Macionis, 2013. p.73-74). The boys are well within Kohlberg’s final stage of moral development. However, Carol Gillian believes that their development of acceptable, gender, socialization, depends upon their learned examples of different stages of rightness (Macionis, 2013, p. 68). This scenario gives great insight into societies expectations for the male gender. Gender should not play a role in what is considered ethical. Male and females should be held to the same standards. The first disturbing employee reaction was that of Shirley Wright, Manager of Student Employees. She responded as if the behavior exhibited should’ve been ignored. Her position gave her the authority and obligation to handle the situation. She should have been the first person to speak to the employees, in which she supervises. Shirley should’ve take the time and initiative to educate the young men about professionalism in the workplace, unethical behaviors and the consequences when violated. Her behavior blatantly goes against Weber’s bureaucracy of the “hierarchy of offices” (Macionis, 2013. p.116). Ron DesVue’s perspective complies with Weber’s view of organizational “impersonality” (Macionis, 2013. p.116). He administered substantial advice stating that their behavior was inexcusable, offensive and should be reported. However taking this advice may cause the “Boys” to direct and divert their

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