Ethical Situations in Business Task 1

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EST1: Task 2, 310.2.3-08 Star Management & Consulting, Inc. Section I: Introduction On Star Management & Consulting, Inc. a key factor in the progress of our success has been living the values and principles imbedded on the Code of Ethics. Given the dynamic and rapidly changing industry, our Collaboration, Leadership and Integrity values remain unchanged and will remain the pillars supporting our actions. However, as part of our effort to strengthen our confidence in Star Management & Consulting, Inc. employees and customers, we must update and strengthen all those aspects that contribute to the transparency of our activities. We all have an obligation to observe this Code of Ethics, not only to ensure that operations are conducted according to the law, but also to ensure the application of the highest standards and principles of corporate social responsibility. We also invite you to ask or report bad behaviors you have observed. It is Star Management & Consulting, Inc. policy not to retaliate against any person who reports in good faith. I am sure that with your support, enthusiasm, and commitment we are going to continue building the future as Star Management & Consulting, Inc. moves forward. Section II: Procedures & Standards: A. Code of Conduct: Star Management & Consulting, Inc. has designed a code of conduct to deal with day to day ethical and organizational issues. It covers the behavior expected of every company employee or company representative. Star Management & Consulting, Inc. conducts all business accurately, objectively, and ethically. It is expected by the company that every employee will comply with this policy. B. Equal Opportunity Employment: Star Management & Consulting, Inc. is committed to provide training opportunities, professional development, and to promote open communication with the

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