Ethical Self Assessment Paper

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Ethical Self-Assessment The ethics self-assessment provided by the American College of Health Care Executives provided important information and insight pertaining to the strengths and weaknesses of my individual professional ethical code of conduct. Upon completion of the ethical self-assessment, I have learned what areas I excel in, and what areas I could use improvements in. The ethical self-assessment also introduced important aspects of ethical codes of conduct to be considered in the workplace on a daily basis. Most importantly, the ethical self-assessment provided a motivational tool for personal improvement by providing an opportunity of professional self-reflection on ethics in the work place. What I have learned about ethical decision making Through the ethical self-assessment I have learned that I have strong leadership skills. The ethical self-assessment informed me that I have strong management capabilities through having the capabilities to overcome barriers in achieving my organization’s mission, goals, and work tasks. The ethical self-assessment has shown that I have the professional skills in being compassionate, understanding, honest, and respectful toward employees and patients. The ethical self-assessment taught me that I have the ability to place the importance of others before myself in personal gain. I have learned that in most situations I strive to be a role model to others and enforce the organizations professional ethical standards. Another important aspect that I have learned from the ethical self-assessment is that I could use improvement in supporting, establishing, and monitoring internal mechanisms such as supporting ethical decision making. I believe that through work tasks and responsibilities I may neglect this aspect of ethical proceedings in the workplace and could have more involvement in this area. The ethical

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