Ethical Scrapbook Part 2 Essay

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Ethical Scrapbook: Part II Natasha Vail CJS/211 11 May, 2015 Charles Evelyn Ethical Scrapbook: Part II In today's day and age, there is no predicting what will happen when someone is pushed either to their limit, or put in a new situation. There are so many variables when trying to figure out how a person will react after facing a new situation. However, some guaranteed reactions include: good Samaritan acts, vigilante acts, acts of civil disobedience, and people violating ethical codes in the workplace. Ethical Laws Some of the best people in today's society are the ones that will go out of their way to help someone that they don't even know just because they need help. Although I feel like these good samaritans are some of the best people, I do not think all jurisdictions should have laws making someone commit a good samaritan act. There are many people that are able to help everyone that they see in need of help, who just do not feel that they have the time, or they feel entitled and don't want to stoop as low as someone who is in need, especially if it comes to financial issues. While these laws would not work, they would still be nice in theory. If they did work there would be very few people begging when they are in need. However, it could be very bad because some people would refuse to help, even if they were able. Depending on the consequences for not following the law, there could be a lot of people in jail if it got that far. Personally I don't think that there should be laws requiring people to help those in need when their able to because not everyone would do it, and it just feels good - for both the good samaritan and the person in need - because it just feels like the right thing to do. Aside from good samaritans, there are vigilantism acts that happen all around the world. Vigilantism is breaking the law to enforce justice.

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