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Ethical Scrapbook Outline I. Introduction II. Good Samaritan – conduct or random acts of kindness a) Antonio Diaz Chacon chased down kidnapper, saved 6-year-old. b) NJ Jail Inmate Saves Shelter Worker from Pit Bull c) Woman returns $100K found at restaurant III. Acts of Vigilantism – violating the law to enforce the law a) Police: Vigilante justice led to unintended death - Two charged with murder after fire kills accused child pornographer’s wife b) Internet Vigilantism c) South Florida Store Clerks Go Vigilante IV. Acts of Civil Disobedience – violating the law to change the law a) The Boston Tea Party b) The Civil Rights Movement c) The Women's Suffrage Movement d) Abolition of slavery V. Three Criminal Acts Committed by Professionals – in the course of their employment other than criminal justice professionals in which the defendant was believed to have violated the ethical standards of his or her profession. a) Former Camden police officer admits planting evidence, preparing false reports. b) Court says prosecutor's evidence didn't exist. c) Judge Elizabeth Halverson permanently removed from bench. IV. Conclusion References: Lukas, A. (2011). NYDailyNews.. Retrieved on 10/04/2011from: per_saved_6yearold.html The Huffington Post. (2011). Retrieved on 10/04/2011 from: Davis, D. (2011).USA Today. Woman returns $100K found at restaurant. Retrieved on 10/01/2011 from: Starr, K. (1998). The Role of Civil Disobedience in Democracy. Retrieved from URL: Press, A. (2007,

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