Ethical Scrapbook Ii Essay

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Ethical Scrapbook II CJS/211 Ethics is a code or principals that humans are taught since birth, although instilled at a young age, many people use it as a foundation for their job even life itself. Many people have issues counteracting their code of ethics due to seeing others push it aside and suffer the consequences; others utilize it by strengthening themselves and their ethics alongside it. Being able to decide when ethics can come between life and happiness is a similar issue people have everyday, such as a police officer finding a lot drug money that has not been counted as evidence; with just a stack, the officer’s worries are lessen but ethics come into play. Should the officer just take it, or should the officer’s code of ethics disallow any wrongdoing by refusing the money? Police officers everyday risk their lives for the protection of the people, and even some ordinary citizen act without hesitation to do so, these people are called Good Samaritans. The first Good Samaritan in the Ethical Scrapbook: part 1 is Julien Duret. This person risked his life in order to save a baby that fell into the cold, murky East River in New York. Considering the water temperature even the polluted river, Julien Duret disregarded everything and dove into the river and saved the baby without hesitation. Any person with regard of life will act in this situation because of the baby. The next person is Wesley Autrey who witnessed someone falling onto the electrical tracks on the subway, jumped down and rescued them. Wesley Autrey risked his life in order to save the person, sometimes in these situations one must not think, just purely act and that is what Wesley Autrey did. Lastly, Martin Scutnik witnessed a plan crash into the frozen Potomac River. Knowing people would need help, Scutnik stood by and watched rescue helicopters come. When a person was unable

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