Ethical Resposibility Essay

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Ethical Responsibility To Organizational Issues ETH/316 June 24, 2013 Dr. Kelly Price Noble Ethical Responsibility To Organizational Issues Expecting the unexpected. It’s happened time and time again in the workplace and will continue to happen as long as a human being is running all levels of an operation. What do you do when you’re faced with a decision that could affect the livelihood of the company its employees and shareholders? Ethical principals can be used to address organizational issues as they provide a guide into the decision making process and establish criteria in which the decisions will be judged. Ethical Responsibility Values and ethics are a standard of conduct in defining the characteristics of behavior an ethical person should and should not engage in. Most people associate good character with ethical behavior and in the video Lighthouse – A Responsibility Project Film (Jul 31,2010) a little old light keeper was faced with a decision that had to be made to save the lives of the crewmen of an incoming vessel as well as to the people of the nearby small fishing community. The stormy winds disabling the light caused the light keeper to hurry into a panic when trying to replace the bulb when he saw the fast approaching vessel heading directly towards him into the rocky cliff below. The light keeper has a duty to protect everybody who enters and exits the bay. With the light out and a approaching ship the light keeper had to make a decision to call down to the village for help and inevitably saving the lives of the crewman of the ship. The issues that were brought to attention in the film were very important because it showed a sense of responsibility that can sometimes be very often overlooked in business today. The ethical principals that are instilled into individuals can be used everyday to address organizational

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