Ethical Lens Inventory Essay

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I believe that when dealing with other people there has become the norm in our modern society to have the ethical integrity entails for a person to influence a positive outcome. A person with exemplary morals and a strong character can be referred to as a person whom has the integrity. Furthermore it must be accompanied by leading a straight and honest life and is consistency vital in our ethical integrity. A person cannot behave well for just a period of time and choose to misbehave for another period. Ethical Lens Inventory is designed to help a person improve their personal integrity. It helps a person understand the important values to them and can identify their weakness or strengths. Knowing them can help me understand ethical issues…show more content…
Sometimes when I analyze issues critically I find too many solutions to a problem and the problem presents itself when I actually have to choose which way to adopt it. I also identify with the result lens which is represented by a microscope. Sometimes I need my intuition to make sure that my answers are affirmative and are fair as possible. It usually helps me because I find that I can take control of the situation. I also find that I agree with people most of the time and I also consider and protect their opinions and I have a weak point I find sometimes I fail to comprehend that. These lenses have made me always believe that am always right even when sometimes am wrong and I seldom ever make mistakes and this has turned out to be my blind spot. Sometimes I over exaggerate on wanting to do the right thing and it has also occurred to me that most of my friends always depend on me to make decisions on their behalf, and when I fail to help them in they become really angry at me and sometimes never speak to me
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