Ethical Lens Inventory Essay

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The Ethical Lens Inventory also helps you determine whether you begin an ethical analysis by focusing on the individual or the community. Two of the ethical lenses emphasize individuals determining for themselves what behavior is ethical. * Rights and Responsibilities Lens: You (autonomy) use your reason (rationality) to determine the universal principles and rules by which you and others should live. * Relationship Lens: You (autonomy) use your feelings and intuition (sensibility) to determine the choices that you should make to contribute to your happiness, and by extension, the happiness of all. The other two ethical lenses emphasize the community determining as a whole what behavior is ethical. * Results Lens: The members of the community (equality) use their collective reason (rationality) to design and implement processes to assure justice for all. * Reputation Lens: The members of the community (equality) in conversation rely on their feelings and intuition (sensibility) to agree upon the character traits that are required for virtuous living. The next six screens will allow you to choose which of a pair of statements or words most represents the values that propel you to action. You will find some choices are difficult – you would want to do either, depending on the situation. When torn between two answers, choose the one that would represent your values and the action you would take when your back is against the wall and you have to choose. When you are finished, you will get a description of your ethical position within your preferred lens. Instructions This instrument is divided into three sections. For each section, mark the statement or the word that most accurately describes your personal values. While we make choices based on factors other than our core values, how we work and play with other people - our ethics - is

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