Ethical Lens Essay

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The ethical lens inventory showed that I balance my reasoning skills rationally and intuition to determine how to fulfill my duties while achieving the greatest good for each person. My core values showed that I strongly value autonomy over equality. I favor protecting the rights of individuals and are not swayed from believing that people should be able to do what they believe is right even if others protest. I value personal balance and restraint in the desire for pleasure as I seek to satisfy my duties. I also demonstrate wisdom in practical matters and foresight as I act with enlightened self-interest in a particular situation. Thinking through problems carefully and researching options to find the one that will allow me to fulfill duties. My gift to the community is balancing responsibility with entrepreneurship. Sometimes I fail to be accountable to those dependent on me when I exercise my free will. I do a good job making sure my head and heart agree, but I tend to over focus on the needs of individuals. This exercise may direct my academic behavior in a very good direction or in a direction that will not be helpful to my academics, depending on how much I really read into the information. The ethical lens inventory can influence my critical thinking. Critical thinking involves thinking through problems, research, and reason which the inventory stated in the tools for analyzing problems category. The reasoning abilities activity showed that I cope with pressure well, but research, strategizing, following instruction, applying expertise, and organizing are categories that I need to improve on. Applying everything that I learned about myself as well as the things I learned I need or should improve on will help me become the best student and employee I can

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