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Based on my Ethical Lens Report my personal preferred lens is the Reputation Lens. It state that I listen to "intuition to determine what character traits and virtues will best serve the community." I do make many decisions that will benefit everyone as a whole and not just myself. If I take into consideration the decision to leave school before was to benefit my family at the time whereas now returning to school and completing my degree will benefit everyone. My blind spot revealed that I should not assume everyone thinks or works like me (Unrealistic Role Expectations). Throughout the class and working in the teams I have found this to be true but I learned how to deal with this in a way I had not before. Assuming that people may or may not want to work was usually my first response when those I worked with didn't work like I did. Now I have learned through one of the ethical exercises proper ways to communicate to others to find out what the problem may be. My Classical Values stated that I "tend to avoid rash actions" and I find this to be very true. I like to take the time to think things through before reacting or coming to a final conclusion I find this to be a strength. I found that one of my risks is Self-Righteousness. It states that when I lack compassion for others I believe that I am worthy of certain privileges because I think I am better. I would not openly admit to this and would immediately deny if someone was to ask but after thinking I have found myself feeling this after completing a project at work or even at home. I believe everyone wants credit or praise for doing the right thing or a good job. We may say we don't but there is a great feeling of satisfaction when we do. I will need to be more aware of this behavior so that I can avoid saying something that may insult someone or cause myself not to take constructive criticism when given. The

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