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Ethical Lens Peter Urrutia Gen200 September 19, 2012 Timothy Harrington Ethical Lens This course has encouraged the use of an ethics game that determines what an individual’s particular ethical outlook is. The ethical lens looks at a couple of specific categories preferred lens, blind spots, strengths, weaknesses, values, and results of behavior. This serves as a valuable tool to understand your outlook toward ethics as well as others outlook on you. My personal preferred ethical lens was the rights/responsibilities and relationship lens. According to the exercise this lens means that I use reasoning skills and universal rules that each person should follow along with fairness and justice. My blind spot is the belief that motive justifies method or overconfidence in process. This lens shows that I trust the “process” too much and I could have over sights despite my good motives that can cause harm to others. My strengths include being rational, fair, and looking out for the best of others. My weaknesses include running the risk of being blinded by the rules, putting myself above the same rules and becoming isolated because others cannot live up to my standards. My values include social balance and restraint while building trust through loyalty and consistency. The result is that I make use of the tools at hand to make informed decisions to meet needs and goals of others and myself. In studying the information that I received from this exercise I agreed with many of it. It gave me a perspective of how others view me and how I should view myself. When I think of myself at work I notice that I like to look out for others needs whether it is someone above me, equal, or below me as far as positions go. I like to build great relationships and help others as much as possible. I also noticed that a few of the vices may be accurate as well. On occasions

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