Ethical Leadership Paper

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Comparison Matrix Paper: Ethical Leadership Paper Lederrick Wesley Grand Canyon University: LDR 800 April 3, 2013 Ethics refers to appropriate values and morals with individuals in our society. It is based on good intentions. Ethics are guidelines on what is right or wrong, and they help identify the leader as an individual and their leadership role. Ethics are crucial to leadership. A leader has a large influence on the followers and helps them achieve common goals. The ethics of an organization are carried out by the leader who has an important role in developing and maintain an ethical environment (“Leadership Ethics,” 2013). This paper will compare and contrast three different empirical research articles about ethics in leadership. This paper will compare the following items: research questions, sample populations, limitations, and the conclusion and recommendations for further research. The first article is entitled “Ethical Leadership Evaluations After Moral Transgression: Social Distance Makes the Difference” by Adranik Tumasjan, Maria Strobel, and Isabell Welpe. The purpose of this article was to investigate how social distance influenced ethical leadership evaluations and how ethical leadership affected leader-member exchange after the leader’s moral wrongdoing. The article also wanted to look into ethical leadership evaluations after a leader’s unethical behavior was influenced by a disconnection between the evaluator and the leader (Tumasjan, 2011). The second article is “CEO Ethical Leadership, Ethical Climate, Climate Strength, and Collective Organizational Citizenship Behavior” by Yuhyung Shin. The purpose of this article was to examine the connection between the CEO ethical leadership and climate. It also wanted to investigate effect of climate strength on the relationship between ethical climate and collective OCB (Shin, 2011).
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