Ethical Issues with Abortion

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The viability of the foetus is an ethical issues of abortion legislation the current law is set at 24 weeks this is the time up until the 24th week when a woman can choose to have an abortion sometimes after if the mother’s life is at risk. The 24 week law was brought in the 1967 abortion act although the law is set at 24 weeks people state issues like babies are born and survive at 24 weeks and that when does life actually begin different beliefs systems and medical views differ on when does life actually begin Christians argue that is begins at birth and medical views are split is it when human features are visible or when the heart starts beating. The next issue is the feminist views that in the original abortion act it was mainly men involved in the deliberation of the act and see this as unfair as women should have an input as it is them that it affects the lack of women MPs in 1960 and 1990 when the amendments were made. The woman should be able to decide what is legal and what is not as she has to carry the baby and give birth to it and she has the right to decide anything that happens to her body a woman should be able to have an abortion on ‘demand’ (at any point). The feministic views of mary anne warren is that the foetus can be seen as an unjust aggressor and the just war theory can be put into use for the use of abortion as the foetus is seen to be invading the woman’s territory Judith Jarvis Thomson claims that the foetus can be seen as an intruder breaking into someone’s ‘property. Women also bring up abortion as positive discrimination for past acts holding women back in society. The medical issues involved with legislation are the grounds on abortion taking place and the reaction from the mother. After a abortion the mother may feel a sense of repulsion emotionally if she has a late abortion a foetus may be aborted up to term if there is risk

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