Ethical Issues Use Internet at Workplace Essay

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KPJ Healthcare Berhad, an investment holding company, operates specialist hospitals. It offers various specialist services in the areas of anaesthesiology, angiogram, audiology, cardiology and cardiothoracic surgery, psychiatry, pathology, colorectal surgery, cancer and chemotherapy, diet counselling, dermatology, day surgery, general/internal medicine, gastroscopy/colonoscopy, haemodialysis, immunization and vaccination, interventional angioplasty, in-vitro fertilization, laparoscopic surgery, maternity and gynaecology, neurology, vascular surgery, neo-surgery, neonatology, nephrology, orthopaedic and trauma surgery, ophthalmic laser, occupational health, and 3-D ultrasound. The company also provides services in the areas of eye surgery, ophthalmology, orthodontic and maxillofacial surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, outpatient treatment, paediatric surgery/urology, plastic/plastic reconstructive surgery, physiotherapy, rehabilitative, occupational therapy, psychiatry, pharmacy and laboratory, radiotherapy and oncology, respiratory medicine, restorative dentistry and endodontic, sleep disorder, sports medicine, spinal surgery, stem cell cord blood, and urology. In addition, it offers management services, health screening services, treasury management services, and sterile services; operates a private university college of nursing and allied health; and distributes pharmaceutical, medical, and consumer healthcare products. Further, the company provides human resource and training services, as well as rents human resource information systems and software; retirement village and aged care services; laundry services; information technology related services; healthcare information system, and medical profession and consultancy services; and payroll and other administration services. It operates 25 hospitals in Malaysia, 2 hospitals in Indonesia, 1 hospital in Thailand,
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