Ethical Issues Surrounding Human Rights and Mental Health

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Ethical Issues surrounding human rights and mental health What is Ethics? Ethics can be define as how human beings behave i.e. the way a person is meant to act, this entails looking at the situation around the circumstances of the action before embarking on it, It also explain our daily actions of doing right or wrong. Ethics is very important in human lives it involves human values, actions and behaviour that are seen in daily lives, these actions ensures and brings in happiness which is very important in every man, and as result paramount in daily lives. for a man to be ethical he needs to act in a value up to standard which needs to be frequent and on daily basis, this should include how one get along with others in every aspect of life ensuring that people around feels the joy and happiness of relating with each other putting in mind that meeting people entails going extra mile and ensuring that your presence means a lot to people What are Human Rights? “Human rights can be defined as the fundamental rights that humans have by the fact of being human, and that are neither created nor can be abrogated by any person”. ‘’The human rights Act came into force on October 2 2000’’,’’ The Act gives all persons certain basic human rights (which are known as “articles” these articles of human rights are : ‘’Article 2 Right to life, Article 3 Inhuman treatment, Article 4 Slavery, Article 5 Right to liberty, Article 6 Right to fair trial Article7 Retrospective crimes, Article 8 Right to privacy, Article 9 Freedom of conscience, Article 10 Freedom of Expression, Article 11 freedom of Assembly, Article 12 Marriage and the family, Article 14 Discrimination’’. In list of the above rights listed explained below are the human rights relevant to mental health law. Article 2: Right to life, Article 3: The prohibition of human and degrading treatment, Article 5: Right to

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