Ethical Issues on Global Warming

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THE EVANGELICAL PERSPECTIVE OF ALCOHOL, DRUGS AND SMOKING 1.0.INTRODUCTION Alcohol, Drugs and Smoking are the major problems that world face today. In India Alcoholism, Drugs and Smoking are tendency to become a problem affecting persons of all categories.these are rapidly habituated by the people especially youth in all over countries from village to city. Even Christians too addicted to it is necessary to to understand what bible says about these and to tell to others as a Christian. Here in this paper the Evangelical perspectives of these one by one. 2.0.ALCOHOL In India Alcoholism is a tendency to become a problem affecting persons of all categories. It is the third greatest killer in the world after cancer and heart disease. It has become rampant today even creaping into the evangelical Church .The real tragedy is that so many who call themselves “Christian”is now drinking. Various reports showed that 15%to 50% of student and equal number of general population use Alcohol or other Drugs.[1] 2.1.TEACHING IN THE OLD TESTAMENT Proverb 31:6 say, “Give strong drink unto him that is ready to perish, and wine unto those that be of heavy hearts”. There are three Hebrew words translated wine in our English Bible in the Old Testament. First is “Yayin” (120 times). In most cases refer to fermented wine unless the context would indicate otherwise. Second “Tirosh” (37 times). The correct meaning of “Tirosh” is the fresh newly expelled Juice of the grape or must as it is sometimes called an in some cases new wine or sweet vine. Third “Aciyc” (4 times) comes from Hebrew word “Acac” meaning to squeeze out of juice. Therefore it refers to juice trodden out neither grape juice nor sweet wine. Biblical distinction between grape juice and fermented wine “Tirosh’ translated is wine in English[2] 2.2.TEACHING IN THE NEW TESTAMENT Many New

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