Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior

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Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior Tricia Miller BUS 610 Kathryn King-Metters September 5, 2011 Ethical Issues in Organizational Behavior Ethics and ethical behavior are hot topics in many aspects of life including both business and personal. Ethics and ethical behavior are discussed and taught in school from elementary through the university level. What one person views as ethical may vary from what another person views as ethical and this difference in judgment is stemmed from differences in upbringing and education. Ethical behavior can be defined as “Being in accordance with the accepted principles of right and wrong that govern the conduct of a profession” (The American heritage Stedman’s medical dictionary). Ethics and ethical behavior in business is essential to the success of a business and organizations need to hire and reward those who display ethical behavior. Ethical behavior in essence is the act of doing what is right and honest. Ethical behavior in business has become a hot topic in recent years and many organizations are stepping up to the plate and holding employees accountable for unethical behavior. Organizations have made ethics a major concern within the organization, are recognizing what influences ethical behavior, and are taking steps to influence ethical behavior in employees. “Today’s successful managers are no longer the I’ve-got-everything-under-control order givers of yesteryear. Rather, they need to creatively envision and actively sell bold new directions in an ethical and sensitive manner” (Kinicki & Kreitner, 2009, p. 6). With the popularity of the internet and social media ethics are even more important within an organization than they have been in the past. The reputation of an organization is dependent on ethical behavior in business and if a business is behaving in an unethical manor word spreads
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