Ethical Issues in Negotiation

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GLOBAL MBA ICESI-TULANE Professor: Christopher McCusker - Student: Diego Luis Covaleda Herrera Date: April 20-2012 EXTRA ASSIGNMENT This extra assignment will be about ethical issues observed between Chris and Lee relationship at the Sloane Company. As we know, Chris is the brand manager and Lee is the Product Manager. Chris is a model to follow since he is responsible for the performance of his product managers team. Lee is a very hard worker with outstanding results and attitude. Both of them have good leadership skills. Lee is about to be evaluated by Chris in his mid-term performance review. The first aspect I want highlight is the fact that both Chris and Lee graduated from the same MBA at Tuck School and even though their relationship is based on a hierarchical structure, trust and respect, the other product managers feel and perceive favoritism and clubbishness because Chris gives Lee the authority to make his own decisions about his activities and his team; I think this is an evident unethical behavior since that laxity has not allowed Chris to be objective and bring Lee´s team into line. Second issue I have to point out is Lee´s behavior toward dodging company´s rules about vacation periods and the decision to offering his collaborators days off in exchange for weekend or holidays work. That is a clear deliberately way to break the company´s policies and any employee at any company is expected to be loyal and honest; in addition, he was not empowered to make those decisions neither his boss. The third issue is about Lee going to the convention center in San Diego at the company´s expenses. He acknowledged that there was one extra reason for going to this event which was to see his girlfriend and have some kind of vacations; that means cheating on the company in order to have a personal benefit.

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