Ethical Issues In Management: Family And Personal Issues

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ETHICAL ISSUES IN MANAGEMENT: FAMILY AND PERSONAL Ethical Issues in Management: Family and Personal Issues LaKisha Moore University of Phoenix Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility September 09, 2009 Ethical Issues in Management: Family and Personal Issues In a business organization, the position of management has many faces, long gone are the stereotypes of the unapproachable and unreachable managers that were only bodies in an office or a title name on a door. Managers or supervisors have to wear numerous hats and play in different positions. They have the capability to communication with and on behalf of their employees, groups or teams. They have interpersonal skills, the ability to understand, listen, guild and follow through on any matter. Today’s managers are faced with moral and ethical issues that they did not have years ago of doing what is right for the better of the organization, the stakeholders, the directors, the community and the employees. One of the many issues a manager has to face in this current business environment is being sympathetic and knowledgeable with and to employees who are facing or coming to them with family and personal issues. Management has much more of a challenge before them not just the normal everyday workloads or deadline, the employee evaluations and upholding the company standards. Managers or supervisors have to contain with personal and family issues of employees’ childcare for small or school children, medical problems related them or the employees’ family members, employees’ financial concerns or alcohol and substance abuse in the household these are just a some things that can have an affect on any employee’s work performance. The relationship between social issues and an ethically responsible manager is his or her ability to stay abreast of

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