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Ethical Issues in Business Essay

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Ethical Issues in Business

In creation of our company’s code of ethics, the reason and implications had to be answered first.
To inspire good behavior and to guide proper conduct by all employees the company is inaugurating an ethics program composed in four parts.   The program will be comprised of the company’s code of ethics, an ethics training program, the ethics monitoring system and the oversight committee.   The introduction of the program will establish high social standards that will not only reflect our company and its employee’s values within the workplace, but also in the community.   These standards and adherence to are set forth for the safety of, interaction with and responsibility of, the employees, management and the corporation.   Violation of the company ethics will result in disciplinary action for the employee and possibly the company, not only in monetary value, but loss of trust in the corporate, investment and local community.

Ethical Issues in Business
Day to day workplace principles are imperative for operating on a mutually beneficial plane.
For this reason, a code of ethics is essential to maintaining a professional and productive workplace atmosphere.   This simple set of guidelines will put in place obligations that are essential, ever changing and educational.   The introduction, training and communication of these principles will alone not fall unto the ownership of management and company.   These principles are directed at and are for the safety and responsibility of everyone from the employee to the board of directors.   The rules of ethical and legal conduct are in fact behavioral choices.   Choosing to treat others fairly, the company and its property with honesty and integrity will result in a safer more productive workplace and establish the firm’s culture for years to come.  
Code of Ethics
1. All employees are expected to be courteous, prompt and polite at all times...

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