Ethical Issues Facing The Manger In The Employment Process

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Ethical Issues Facing the Manger in the Employment Process In this paper we will be discussing ethical issues in management when it comes to the hiring process. We will go over the difficulty and ethical questions a hiring manager must face in the hiring process. We will examine examples of ethical issues and laws which protect the potential employee. I will also give a real world example of an ethical issue which affected me in the hiring process. In the role of management managers themselves play a vital role. One of the most crucial aspects of the management position is the hiring of new employees. When going over potential employees in the hiring process, managers look to see which candidate fits the needs and wants of the company and their role within it. This candidate is also judged on how well they fit into the company’s values and future vision. When it comes to the hiring process managers must take extreme caution when selecting a candidate. Managers must avoid any decisions, actions or comments that might be taken as ethically questionable. Potential employers in addition, must follow stringent guidelines and regulations put into place by the state, federal and local governments. When it comes to the actual hiring of potential employees by management there are several ethical and moral issues that need to be dealt with, thus making this operation extremely challenging. One ethical and moral issue a manager may have to face when hiring a new employee is nepotism. Nepotism can be viewed in the hiring process as Ethical Issues Facing the Manger in the Employment Process someone in a managerial role granting special attention or considerations to a potential employee who happens to be a relative. In such a case, a manager in the hiring process could bring upon the process an unwanted nepotism-type conflict, by
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