Ethical Issues Continued Essay

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Scenario VZ, a female patient, aged 26 years, was admitted to the gynaecology ward for Ruptured Ectopic Pregnancy. During admission the patient indicated that she was a Jehovah witness and that she will not accept any form of blood transfusion. While in the operating room, complications developed and the patient started to have severe haemorrhage. Knowing that the patient had significant blood loss the surgeon ordered blood transfusion (four units of whole blood), which was administered by the nurse anaesthetist. The following morning the patient was seen crying after she was informed about the blood transfusion and told the staff nurse “I didn’t know what the consent for surgery meant, I was just told by the surgeon to sign the document and I did.” Problematic Incidence In the scenario above the first problem was that VZ had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy where she had a severe haemorrhage. As a result she had significant blood loss and needs blood transfusion however she is a Jehovah witness who is against blood transfusion due to her beliefs. The second problem was that the surgeon and the nurse anaesthetist went against VZ beliefs and did the blood transfusion without explaining it to her or did it without her consent. Ethical Principles The ethical principles that were involved in the scenario were the respect for autonomy, the respect of dignity and the right to self-determination. Autonomy is when the nurse offer the patient enough information and option to make a decision pertaining to his/her health. As a result the nurse promotes informed consent. According to the American Nurses Association all nurses should practise compassion and show respect for the inherent dignity of the individual worth and uniqueness, unrestricted by considerations of social status, personal attributes or

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