Ethical Issues Associated with Genetic Engineering

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Ethical and moral issues associated with: Genetic Manipulation: Genetic Manipulation such as genetic engineering of foods is highly values amongst some people and seen as salvation as the land they live on cannot sustain productive growth. However some countries see it as a business benefiting Western Countries and refuse to accept such crops. Then there are some who believe the crops they grow and how they are grown is part of their culture and to change that would alter who they are. Some peoplerefuse to eat GM Foods as they are not ‘natural’ or may even cause harm. Truth is, yes bi companies make a lot of money from third world countries who can’t sustain their crop from floods and yes it may not seem like a natural food of source but it is altered in a way in which it is stronger and produces more nutrients for us to receive. The dilema I would face is that it is simply a not natural source of food on an energetic level. Human/Animal organ donation: There are many ethical issues concerning this topic; religious, cultural and self belief. Some believe it is wrong to even cut open a human where others believe it is wrong to give away your organs even after your sudden death. Some simply believe it is absolutely wrong for one person to walk around with another dead person’s liver etc. Therefore, you can imagine reactions to animal organ transplants. Even people who accept organ donation can see this as a wrong thing to do, without being religious or following your culture. It may simply seem unacceptable and this is not necesserily effected by the media but it my be like a voice inside of you telling you that this is wrong. However others see it as just another organ that can save a persons live no matter where it came from. Some people protest against animal organ donations as they don’t see the difference between a human life and an animal. In the end organ

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