Ethical Issues and Management Paper

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ethics Ethical Issues and Management Paper When one works as a manager he or she has to keep in mind that he or she will have to deal with ethical and moral issues in his or her career. As a manager an individual has to remember what he or she was taught when growing up on how to treat people with respect and when one enters the workforce one starts to learn how to work with others and how to learn from the managers and not make the mistakes they had made. If one is lucky enough to have a role model as a manager one should take advantage and learn as much as possible then when one becomes a manager he or she will remember his or her role model. Making an ethical and moral decision is based on what is best for the company’s welfare. Also as a manager one has to have consistency in punishing the employee when he or she violates an ethical or moral issue. For example; If a manager catches employee breaking an ethical or moral rule he or she must have a consistency in punishing the guilty employee and do not play favorites when disciplining employees. A company can maintain business ethics if the company has a code of conduct, which is a written document of standards to an organizations values. Code of conduct is to promote honesty, accountability, fairness and also establish corporate values, which is high standards and integrity to maintain a healthy environment. Today’s managers face many ethical issues, which include hiring, discipline, performance evaluations, diversity, harassment and termination. The topic I choose is managers being role models. Every company, small or large in business today has one or more individuals that have the position and title of manager. Every employee looks towards the manager to make the decisions on improving conditions, merchandising, rules, and discipline the employee’s who brake the

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