Ethical Issues Essay

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Ethical issues Topic chosen The topic I have chosen for the paper is Ethics and advertising to children. Ethical Dilemma To some extent, it is unethical for advertisers. When the advertiser is targeting children for fast food and or beverages that may affect the health of the children, it is unethical. Advertisers who are promoting possibly harmful toys that could lead to injury bring up an ethical question. Healthy and safe products and food items may target children, but it should be done very sensibly because children are very sensitive to every stimulus that affect them. Morality should be in each advertisement targeting children. In the age where both parents are working it has become crucial for the censor board to keep a tight check on such advertisements. In every business, there exist some moral and ethical responsibilities that need enforcement. Every business that targets an audience should keep in mind that their promotions, advertisement, and other practices should not harm their customers. When children are the issue, it is even more important to understand how to keep practices ethical to the children. Children do not have a voice with which to defend themselves. Children have a developing brain and lack the understanding it takes to understand correctly advertisements on T.V., which may make it difficult for them to understand what is right for themselves and what is bad. Firms that target children in their advertisement and promotion activities should not deliver immoral messages to children. Advertisement to children When advertising to children, there are very many cases when unethical behavior is allowed. There is not always truth in advertising when it comes to children. As many people believe that children may not notice exaggerated advertisements or information in the adverts of the products aimed at them. By interpreting the law

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