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Ethical Issues and Management Teresa M. Long XGMT/216 January 27, 2013 Craig Fowler Ethical Issues and Management Hiring is the most essential part to a manager’s responsibilities. When hiring, a manager has to look for the right skills within the possible candidates to get the fit for the available positions. With all of the responsibilities a manger has, they are often faced with moral and ethical issues when trying to maintain those responsibilities. There are many moral and ethical issues faced by managers dealing with hiring. Managers’ face issues such as, discrimination and that could be based on disability, age, gender, race, education level, nepotism, and corporate profiling. According to Trevino, L. & Nelson, K. (2011), “federal law prohibits discrimination based on race, religion, sex, color, ethnic background, and age and protects the pregnant and disabled, but that does not stop employers from being biased when it comes to hiring. Many businesses have an image of what they want their company to be and if an individual does not meet their expectations, the individual a victim of “corporate profiling,” (Trevino, L. & Nelson, K. 2011) which is a form of discrimination because the individual’s appearance is looked at. According to the text p. 296, some employers having an image of who they want to work for their organization “corporate profile” when hiring, especially when they are trying to fill positions that require “extensive public contact”( Trevino, L. & Nelson, K. 2011). Managers often are faced with the ethical issue of hiring those with disabilities, such as pregnancy and physical disabilities. Many employers look for candidates that are young, healthy, and do not require special accommodations. So therefore management are faced with the ethical dilemma of hiring someone who is physically disabled, but more qualified to do the

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