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Addressing Legal and Ethical Issues Clayton C. Berry LAW/421 December 5, 2012 Ms. Dickson Addressing Legal and Ethical Issues On an international level, legal and ethical issues have significant effects on business. Depending on a country’s status on international trade and their dictatorship, businesses world-wide might find benefits to moving their business. When a business wants to negotiate internationally, such obstacles as religion and community ethics need to be considered. Such as, in the simulation, when an American company has contractual obligations to a foreign country, problems arise when religious freedoms are infringed upon. In the case of Cadmex and Gentura, this could have been very detrimental if not handled with all laws and freedoms considered. Some practical considerations that can be taken are the arbitration of contracts; between both parties, and legal experts of each country. In this kind of forum everyone’s investments are considered and legal implications are covered for the future. In the simulation, a business dispute arised when the foreign country was faced with epidemic. Gentura could not produce enough medication to satisfy the needs of the sick, so in response a generic license was negotiated without Cadmex involvement. This is ethically sound, but legal issues are at hand when Cadmex stands to lose money from expanded licensing. A middle ground was met when Cadmex received sublicensing rights, thus minimizing losses and fulfilling needs of sick. In the case of local customs and laws conflicting with the customs and laws of an organization operating abroad, the local laws of that country should prevail. When a business moves to a foreign country, for whatever beneficial reason, that business has the obligation to adhere to new customs and laws. A contract can be formed with countries dictator, but are still

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