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Ethical Issues Emmy White BUS610: Organizational Behavior (MWB1215A) Dr. Cash December16, 2011 Abstract Ethics is a study of moral issues and choices made by people. When you think of ethics, you think of both good and bad ethics. Organizations are normally faced with both good and bad ethics. Today will be discussing the following: 1.) Why are ethical issues a major concern in organizations? 2.) What individual influences impact ethical behavior? 3.) How can organizations influence ethical behavior in employees? Why are ethical issues a major concern in organizations? Ethical issues are a major concern in organizations because they demoralize the companies values. Ethical issues within a company is a big issue that should not occur to begin with. It is important for companies to try to avoid ethical issues by keeping employees content with their job and the company. They can keep employees content and happy by ensuring that they are communicating effectively with employees on expectations. The company should also get feedback from employees on what their views are on their overall work experience. This type of communication will keep employees happy which will keep customers happy as well as upper management happy which will also lead to less ethical issues. If employees are happy then their job performance will show which will be known by satisfied customers who will tell other potential customers of the wonderful services they receive which can lead to a more profitable company because it will make the company get on the high demand list. Ethical issues are a big deal for a company because it can make or break the company. The company can be on the line if you it turns into something big. Many companies may experience ethical issues because they are not keeping employees happy in some type of way. Or they may very simply not acknowledge

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