Ethical Issues Essay

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Ethical issues are common problem in every profession. It only depends on an individual, his/her character, lifestyle and how they were brought up. Every individual has a unique point of view toward those issues and if that person acts unethical and immoral or is being honest and dedicated only depends on his unique personality. An individual already shapes his ethical attitude while training for his/her profession. If someone acts unfair and sloppy at school, doing mediocre job and only doing the bare minimum in order to pass his class assignments, most likely this is the attitude that he/she will be bringing into his professional carrier. One can observe if a person acts unethical when working in group projects. Many times there are two or three people working really hard on the projects where as there is always someone there doing almost nothing and at the end of the day, he/she takes equal credit for group project. One of the major ethical issues in architecture I believe is commission. People may get greedy on making money on materials, furniture and finishes etc. it is very easy to mark up merchandise and materials to the point that it is majorly overpriced and client is taken advantage of financially. Another issue may arise if someone steals someone else’s project idea and acts immoral taking full credit for it. Plagiarism is very tempting but has serious consequences. List of ethical issues can go on and on but like I said, it depends on particular individual. Employer and management also play a key role and can make an impact if an employee acts unethical. In some cases the employer insists on the employee to act immorally to benefit financially. Hostile work conditions also contribute for and employee to act unethically and the bosses’ attitude toward the individual also play an important

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