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REPORT: Codes of Conduct and Codes of Ethics CQUniversity Prepared by: Steef Vendy Student Number: S0218457 Due on Thursday 05 September 2013 Lecturer: Jantharat Phan-athiroj Tutor: Jantharat Phan-athiroj ACCT19083 Corporate Governance & Ethics Executive summary This report was commissioned to examine what are stakeholder groups and which are those stakeholder groups affected by Brisbane City Council and CQUniversity Code of Conducts, this report also aim to explain why the emerging business ethic issues arise and what those issues are. It also attempt to explain the aspects of the codes of conducts in response to mandatory and voluntary requirements by providing example and evidence which lead to the study of corporate governance and its transparency. Results of study conducted shows that two of the institutions have very difference approaches to code of ethics and code of conducts but they also have very similar contents and issues. The report finds some of the contents in the code of conducts are unclear, the consequences of bridging the rules and laws are not emphasized enough and corruption or conflicts of interest could easily happen therefore it need to be reconciled. It is desired to have the laws and regulations to be more specific in details and also specific in punishment or consequences when the laws and regulations are bridged. Introduction In businesses stakeholders and shareholders have a different view and approach in every situation and sometimes because of this difference some groups or individuals might do or take unethical decision, which would harm people or individual affected by the decisions. As a result, to avoid this from happening the government creates regulations and laws for the companies and institutions to abide. Unfortunately, although the government has created the regulations and laws, it

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