Ethical Interview with My Father

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Interview Summary There are two pit bulls in a dog fighting ring. Both of them are ready to kill the other. I can bet my life savings with certainty that the brindle colored one will beat the black dog with the spots. How do I know that the brindle one will win? Simply because I feed it more. The above parable is one that was explained to my father and I during a bible study some years ago by a family friend named Craig. The two dogs represent good and evil, God and Satan, and their never-ending fight over an individual's soul. My father seems to have really taken this to heart as he mentioned it several times throughout our two hour conversation this evening. It seems that my dad has not put too much thought into day-to-day ethical thinking, but does try to live his life as God would expect him to. He admits to being a bit hypocritical on some things but insists that all will be made right in the end. He agrees with the divine command theory on the surface, but easily gets confused about his own beliefs when deeply probing questions are asked, such as "God commanded that 'thou shalt not kill', yet you said earlier that you where in favor of the death penalty for premeditated murder, can you tell me why you feel that way?". Like many of us, he begins to trip on his own words, realizing that he does not have all of the answers. I asked about "female genital mutilation" and how closely it relates to our Judeo-Christian custom of male circumcision to gauge his feelings on the viewpoints of different cultures and how we cannot condemn others without looking first at ourselves. He does seem to be objectivist on this issue (and others) saying that no matter the culture, forcibly doing harm to another isn't justifiable and that humans have a right to make their own decisions about the procedures. This is hypocritical and undermined his "soapbox" speech about right
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