Ethical Incident Essay

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Ethical Incident # 1 There was a particular situation that was unethical at company ABC a few years ago that I heard about from a friend. I heard that a certain product engineer was spending more than he was allowed to spend on his dinner expense when he was out on customer assignments. One particular case was when an engineer was sent to another city for one week to perform engineering at the client site. Company ABC allows a maximum reimbursement of $10 for breakfast and $40 for dinner for engineers when they are on assignment. This individual consistently would go well over the $40 allowed for dinner by company ABC. In some cases, the dinner bill would reach $100. The individual, and the team, was constantly reminded by upper management that the maximum that an engineer can spend on dinner is $40. They were also told that they should treat the corporate credit card as if was their own. Obviously this particular individual did not understand, or perhaps did not care about the company policy, and abused the use of the corporate credit card. His expense reports were much too high for the time he spent out on assignment. It appeared that he wanted to have a good time on the company credit card. This particular individual is causing harm and tension in company ABC because this situation strikes at the heart of the human resource issue of fairness. First of all, if other engineers at company ABC know that this one person is spending as much as $100 on dinner on the company credit card, when the maximum is $40, then they also will feel that it is “fair” that they should also be allowed to spend as much as $100 on dinner. Imagine how much money the company would lose if all its engineers spent $60 more than what is allowed per company policy? This is absoluetly unacceptable behavior by the engineer. Not only is the behavior unfair, it is also causing

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