Ethical Health Care Issues

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ETHICAL HEALTH CARE ISSUES MHA/INF INTRODUCTION When it comes to healthcare ethical issues, there are approximately the same amount of ethical issues as health care issues which are to be solved. There are laws in place to direct the behavior of almost every person in the health care personnel chain, from the nurse to the nurses aide who assists them and the doctor who ultimately gets to try and make the decisions to treat within the confines of the insurance system ruling over the life of the patient . In the health care field , these issues range from insurance coverage , senior care , childhood , immunization , health care reforms , morality , honesty , benefice etc. In this era of medical technology and high advancement in the medical field , constantly changing modes for communication and expanding roles for any health care professionals such as nurse , doctor , pharmacist , dentist etc. there are many legal and ethical challenges experienced on a daily basis, many of which are directly linked to legislative charges regarding the patients confidentiality issues and the ethics of medical technologies. ETHICAL HEALTH CARE ISSUES The ethical health care issues are in regard to patients with low or no health insurance, issues pertaining to health care online, counseling elderly patients. According to what our current President of United States states
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