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Student Name: Wanda Rivera An Introduction to Psychology: Welcome Date submitted: October 13, 2013 Professor Amy Murphy Ethics Module Assignment ------------------------------------------------- ETHICAL EGOISM – PHILOSOPHER: HARRY BROWNE In Chapter 7 of our text we are introduced to Ethics. Many philosophers have different theories of what morality is and how we should approach it however ethical egoism and the theories of Harry Browne reflected some of my newly found personal views. Browne believes that you should put your own happiness ahead of the happiness of others. Of course Browne’s theory has raised controversy due to the fact that unselfishness is a trait that has been honored and promoted for years through the course of history. However, is it not true that everyone is selfish to a certain extent as everyone attempts to assure their own happiness? Even though we can go through life attempting to make everyone around us happy and forget that our happiness is always important what is the point? Maybe ten years ago I would have been against this theory but at my age now it has become apparent that everyone is out to seek their own happiness even if it means that yours will be sacrificed. If this is so then why not put your happiness first and allow others to obtain theirs as best as they can. In Browne’s essay The Unselfishness Trap he states that everyone seeks happiness in their own manner and that individuals will always selfishly seek their own happiness. I agree with Browne when he states that we should not put aside our goals and happiness just to avoid the condemnation of others. I am sure that everyone can find a median where you are able to help those around you without abjuring your own happiness. One of my parents has dealt with alcoholism for many years and recently I had to put Browne’s theory to use because I had to make the

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