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Ethical Dilemmas Within the Homeless Community and Alternative Essay

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  • on July 29, 2013
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Ethical Dilemmas within the Homeless Community and Alternative Course of Action
Jennifer Ludwig
University of Phoenix
Ethics in Criminal Justice 
Ethical Dilemmas within the Homeless Community and Alternative Course of Action

Spokane, Washington over the course of several years, have seen an increase in the homeless population. There has never been an easy solution or a quick answer to solve the problem with the homeless community, nor a quick solution to the legal and ethical means of dealing with the growing problem. More so the police are being the enforcing factor of where and when the homeless are able to accompany particular places and for how long they are authorized to be on the premises.  
Ethically many different issues arise when dealing with different members of the homeless community. Issues that may involve the elderly may not involve others such as juveniles or runaways. Police and social workers have the duty to report situations which are not safe, questionable living arrangements, runaways, and other situations that legally should be reported to the appropriate agencies. Ethically reporting children to social services could determine if a family, who has fallen on hard times will be separated and deemed unfit parents due to not having a stable living arrangement. Some families stay in the shelters, feed their children with food that the shelter provides and walks around from park to park or friend to friend until they are allowed to go back to the shelter to sleep. These parents are making the best of the situation they are faced with and risk losing their children while they struggle to regain control of their living situation. Some say that it is unethical to remove the homeless from parks as they are not bothering anyone and are polite and friendly; others complain that the sight of them is not something they wish to see on a daily basis. Legally authorities are bound by law to tell the homeless that they are not allowed to...

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