Ethical Dilemmas In Criminal Justice Ethics

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Criminal Justice Ethics Professor Jill Hudson Phase 5 IP By: Mary G. Jenness March 25, 2013 What are my options in regards to the scenario given? May first option would be to not allow my partner to sit in the back seat knowing it’s against policy. This way nothing happens, we just go back to the station and book him. My second option was if he refused to sit in front was to stop him as soon as he hit the suspect. I should have pulled the car over, forced my partner to the front seat so the situation would not escalate. Now my partner is mad so there is a good chance that the consequence to this is me and my partner now have a problem. Another option when it got to the point it did was not to allow my partner to write the report the way he wanted to. I should have tried to reason with him and convince him to just tell the truth. If that did not work I should have gone right to the chief and explained to him what happened. This would be the ethical thing to do…show more content…
The concepts of how standards of objectivity apply to this scenario is standards may be objective based on facts or someone’s morals. My partner believes that what the suspect did was wrong, and I agree it was, but because objectivity is external when we believe something is morally or ethically wrong. The judgment we make we think is right if it complies with the standards of justice in the world. Most people hate child molesters more than any other type of criminal, it is common to see one being harassed or beaten because of it. Unfortunately my partner and the guys in the locker room are not looking at the situation objectively but subjectively, and doing what they think the suspect deserves. In this type of situation feelings and emotions run very high, and the connection between the standards of objectivity and personal feelings is it’s all an external emotional reaction to the

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