Ethical Dilemma Paper

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Ethical Dilemma Paper 1 Ethical Dilemma Paper University of Phoenix Delia Maria Carrasquillo CJA/ 324 Ethical Dilemma Paper 2 Today we read the news online, in the news paper or watch the news on television and see all the ethical dilemma in these news about issues happening right here in the US or in other countries, or even right in our own city’s. Today I read the news from NY and found a current news on, about a mother who was arrested due to child abuse, and the way this little boy was abused brought tears to my eyes to just think how can a mother do this to her own child. In this essay I will write about how this mother abused her child and people who knew this was happening just stood there and did nothing while this little boy suffered. The nature of the dilemma in this news about the mother “Heather Lacey” is how she kept her son locked up for up to over twenty two hours a day locked up in his room, neighbors question her about the little boy and she was just rude to people and did not care much, even her roommate asked her questions about the little boy and tried to get close to the little boy and she would not let the roommate give the little boy receive human interaction of any kind. She is a young mother with a little boy who she did not care much of only that he would hurry and turn eighteen so that he can move out, instead of giving the little boy up for adoption or to a family member she rather abuse him (Dunbar, Copyright 2012 Barrington Broadcasting Group, LLC). The ethical of this situation is that this little three year old boy was kept in a room for over twenty hours, with no food only fed once a day supposedly, the bedroom was filthy and it smelled so bad, and the little boy was not even allowed to leave the room at any given time not even to use the bathroom (Dunbar, Copyright 2012 Barrington Broadcasting

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