Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Table of Contents Part A – Ethical Dilemma Essay 3 Part B – Appendix A 9 Part B – Appendix B 12 Part B – Appendix C 15 References 16 Part A – Ethical Dilemma Essay Hong Kong is facing the shortage of infant milk formula (milk formula). As the issue is being important, there are some situations to mitigate the problems. There are a 24-hour hotline for Hong Kong parents to order milk formula and an amendment on The Import and Export Regulation 2013. Under the regulation, people can export 2 cans of milk formula and not exceed 1.8kg within 24 hours. And from the supplier suggestions, retailers can sell 4 cans of milk formula to customers in one transaction. That means no matter in which brands and weights, each customer can only purchase 4 cans. As the incident was widely caused a sensation from the society, there is an instruction from the company states that every employee has to strictly enforce the supplier suggestions. No matter the customers are cross-boundary traders, Hong Kong parents or even employees. In usual, the warehouse will deliver in 2 boxes of milk formula which contains 24 cans at 11pm as the store closes at 10pm. By the company instruction, employee can purchase goods within the store closes 15 minutes. And the customers, who are cross-boundary traders, will queue for the milk formula outside the store overnight and waiting for the store open in the next day. Besides, there is a promotion if customers purchase 4 cans, they can get a free voucher. Also, customers not only purchase milk formula, but also purchase other products, especially baby care products. And the cross-boundary traders will also purchase the products that are ordered by the people in mainland China. In this case, I am a store manager in a retail company who are responsibility on implement and follow the company instruction. All the colleagues and I maintain a

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