Ethical Dilemma Case Study

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Introduction Ethical and moral issues are always based on people’s attitude and belief (Chryssides and Kaler, 1993). Ethical dilemmas are somewhat vague in many fields because different people have different perspectives. So, there is no such action which absolutely right or wrong to deal with these issues. Ethical dilemma is a complex situation which lead to conflict between different choices. In terms of business, the operation process of business is developed in a social structured surrounding with legal, political, economic and ethical (Chryssides and Kaler, 1993). Thus, business ethic is inescapable. As a consequence, many companies recently pay attention to morality issues in order to meet social needs as well as to build a strong reputation…show more content…
This theory was created through the modern welfare state which all ethical ideas and actions should fulfill the greatest number of happiness to social (Crane and Matten, 2004). In this case, computer manufacturer have two choices which are promote and not promote the new chip. To promote the new chip, the chip itself is very efficient product and has high value. On the other hand, this chip is slightly double-edged sword for the company since it is too good to be sold. This new chip can decreased the sales revenue in a short term because it seems to be unnecessary for customers who already owned the computer with this effective chip. However, if the company not promote this chip, sales revenues will remain stable, unsurprisingly. Therefore, if we apply the utilitarianism to this case, it is certain that the happiness of customer is the highest priority. In other words, the manager should select the choice that will ensure the happiness of most customers (Chryssides and Kaler, 1993). For this reason, there is another involving factors that need to be considered: how happiness can be…show more content…
Human happiness is connected to each other (Foot, 2001). If the computer manufacturer promote this new chip, it will not only benefit their customer but also environment as well. Besides, the computer manufacturer can also reduce electronic wastes and pollutions which might help increasing their reputation. Customers will be more than happy and satisfied with both the product and the company, since they have received a good offer, which is worth for their money. Some groups of customer might be loyal to the company because the product fulfilled their needs and the company ensure its transparency to the customers. Sooner or later, this trust will power up the company image in customer’s mind. Meanwhile, without promoting the new chip, it can be implied as not being honest and truthful to the customer. In the future, it is possible that the customer might know about the ability of the new chip and they might disappointed or dissatisfy toward this issue due to the fact that the chip could save customers' money and reduce the electronic waste simultaneously. However, it is also undeniable that with the new chip, sales of new computer will decline and the revenues of the computer manufacturer will decrease in a short term. For the computer manufacturer, this is

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