Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Ethical Dilemma In the cases involving GloxoSmithKline and New England Compounding both criminal and gross negligence that endangering lives, was due to unethical behaviors. In this summary, detailed information will be given on both the criminal and negligence. If not for the whistleblowers’ stepping up, these unethical behaviors would still be happening. GlaxoSmithKline In three separate criminal court, GSK pleads guilty, in two courts for introduction of misbranded drugs and one court for failure to report safety data on Avandia to the Food and Drug Administration. Criminal and Civil charges included, but are not limited to:  Bribing Doctors to use their medication  Illegally promoting and marketing the use of Paxil for children  Offering lavish vacation to PR firms to convince Doctors to prescribe Wellbutrin for weight loss, sexually dysfunction, knowing FDA only approved the medication for treating depression  Avandia was illegally marked with the knowledge that the product was linked to increase in heart attacks and congestive heart failure (Hohnwagner, Chris, 2013) With multiple acts of unethical behavior GSK endangered lives, defraud Medicaid, gave employees bonuses if they included the unapproved Wellbutrin in their pitch. Employees who did not want to give Doctors kickbacks to prescribe Wellbutrin were put on leave of duty. (Sifferlin, Alexandra, 2012) New England Compounding Center In 2012, an outbreak of fungal meningitis was reported and traced to three lots of medication packaged and marketed by the NECC a compounding pharmacy in Massachusetts. Disturbed to 75 medical facilities in 23 states, 14,000 patients received doses between May and September 2012. NECC voluntary recalled of the medication in September 2012. As of March 2013, 48 people died and 720 were being treated for persistent fungal infections. In December 2012, NECC

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