Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Healthcare professionals are committed to keeping their patient's information confidently. Confidentiality is one of the essential duties of health care practice as well as lawful right of the patient. Healthcare staff could not disclose patient's vital information without the proper consent of the patient. In some difficult situation, nurses may face breaking the patient's confidentiality. An article by Nathanson (2000) described the condition of the ethical problem when a nurse had to disrupt the confidentiality of patient information to a suitable person. In this situation, nurse faced an ethical dilemma. Take the decision for patient safety or keep patient's confidentiality is the choices in this situation. The purpose of this article is to explain the possible decisions taken by this author in the situation mentioned in the above article. Ethical Implications of a Breach of Confidentiality Confidentiality is the right of every patient. According to various laws, it is unacceptable to disclose the medical information to a third party without the consent from the patient. Law protects patient's right for keeping their vital information confidently. Healthcare staff should respect and protect patient's confidentiality. According to American nurses association disclosing patient's details without their permission is considering breach of confidentiality (ANA, 2012). Disclosing patient's information is against medical ethics. Hippocratic Oath and Nightingale Pledge mentioned the importance of patient's confidentiality and the healthcare staff's commitment towards keeping patient's confidentiality (American Medical Association, 2014). All healthcare should ready to follow code of ethics for maintain the standard of patient care. Breaching of confidentiality may lead to weakening the relationship between healthcare staff and patients. In some cases nurses may face
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