Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Ethical Dilemma Lanette Gastile-Barrie CMGT/575 » CIS Project Management June 2nd 2014 Gary Denney Ethical Dilemma’ Read the case studies "Don't tell anyone or you're fired!" in Ch. 13, "Leadership and Ethics," of Information Technology Project Management. Use the prescriptive approach of making sound ethical decisions in the same chapter. In your paper include the action you would take. What would you do? D. Wait until Monday and then go talk with your CIO to try and convince her that telling them is the right thing to do. (What will you do if the CIO rejects your suggestion?) The staff has a right to know. Informing them of their impending fate is the right thing to do. Those individuals have lives that they have to now plan for, being informed now gives them that right. People are willing to give their time, effort, and skills to a organization, and lend legitimacy to a project’s leadership because they believe their investments will advance something of value. If people do not feel that an organization/project addresses a value they embrace, there will be little motivation to work for the organization/project. If the decision is made to go through with outsourcing and the programmers are let go who’s to say they would want to come back and work for the outsource agency. There are feelings and people lives to be considered. The same people when the decisions were first made to take on this same team of programmers to carry out whatever tasks. It was done so with these same values in mind. Those given management authority should unilaterally make day-to-day decisions on operational issues such as this. By a consensus that informs everyone from the onset, on values, vision, mission, goals, and objectives that facilitated these decisions. Carrying out a decision like this and not informing the programmers that they will be released is sort of like

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