Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Being able to understand and know that you are applying your knowledge appropriately to your sessions is crucial, and this also helps future counselors to develop more professionally and responsibly. Having a supervisor that is willing to watch your videos and grade you because of what you are doing and how your skills are applied, and not by simply assuming that you are doing things right, is very important. All of these factors can help us develop professional skills that will help define and direct the counselor in progress. This vignette also adds more to the dilemma because of the language barrier that is present between supervisor and the client as we will see. 1.Developing ethical sensitivity To develop ethical sensitivity is through the continuing of formal education, also by enrolling in graduate courses that deal with professional standards, and in programs that teach the processes of moral decision making. The consultation with formal colleges also helps develop ethical sensitivity they may provide their personal and professional perspective, this leading the mental health care provider with an unconsidered ethical solution. Therefore; the continuous communication with respected colleges may provide other important perspectives if other questionable ethical situations may arise. In this case study. Miriam, the Latin student should have had spoken with Dr. Aten and explain to her that she needs feedback from her taped sessions to improve her counseling skills, know where she needs to improve and increase her knowledge. Identify the relevant facts, sociocultural context, and stakeholders. The facts on this case are as follows: Miriam Hernandez is a Latina who is in a Masters' level practicum class, she is bilingual in Spanish and English. Because of her linguistic skills she was assigned a client who does not speak English. Due to the lack

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