Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Final Project Ethical Dilemma Nestlé’s Unfair Labor Practices Professor: Andrew Davis Name: Daniela Martínez Jiménez ID: A00396100 Due Date: May 3rd, 2012 Nestlé’s unfair labor practices: an ethical issue In the latest years globalization has helped international business through opening barriers to free trade and creating new markets. This fact has led international managers to take actions on issues of ethical behavior, social responsibility and environmental protection around the world. However, there are still some multinational enterprises that had taken questionable decisions or practices, which violate some ethical and moral principles. There are many cases in which companies are involved in a conflict in which they have to decide between two moral choices. This is known as an ethical dilemma in which it seems to be that both choices are right but every time you choose one, the other side is affected. Through these lines I will explain why labor exploiting is considered unethical and some Nestlé’s practices, which are considered to be an ethical dilemma. Unfair labor practices Through many years some enterprises have been taking advantage of outsourcing because it is cheaper for them to produce in developing countries than at home or because it is cheaper to acquire resources and raw materials from those countries because of the low wages and minimal labor conditions. These unfair labor practices consist on having workers on an unsafe place, without the minimum health conditions, without the appropriate equipment, working more hours than the maximum permitted or working for a very low wage. Also, these practices include threatening or not permitting employees to support a union and exploiting children, which is the worst in my opinion. Wages are one of the most important labor conditions, because they are the main source of

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