Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Ethical Dilemma The United States has seen its share of controversy and scandal with politicians; however Canada has seen its share as well. In Toronto, Mayor Rob Ford has become the focus of the newest ethical scandal. Although Mayor Rob Ford is denying the allegations, there are sources claiming there is a video of Rob Ford smoking a substance while making some unforgettable comments. There are ethic dilemmas raised in regards to the Mayor himself and with the news organizations paying the culprits for the video. Given that this scandal has not been resolved, there have not been decisions that will affect Mayor Rob Ford in present and future day. Nature of the Dilemma During the past week, there have been reports of Mayor Rob Ford smoking allegedly crack-cocaine in a video filmed on a phone. Mentioned by a writer at The Star, Natalie Alcoba from the National Post mentioned not only did Mayor Rob Ford smoked a substance in the video but also used a homophobic slur to describe Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and made racially charged remarks about the high school football players he coaches. The ethics involved with this story are concerns for moral character of the Mayor and the mere idea of news organizations paying for stories where the there are people deeply involved in the story (Armstrong, 2013). The principle of news organizations paying for stories is nothing new; however, there is an ethical dilemma when there are individuals who are also connected with the story itself. In a screenshot of the video—as proof the video does exist—Mayor Rob Ford is standing in-between two individuals. One of those individuals in the screenshot was once in a gang shooting that led to his death (Alcoba, 2013). It is also mentioned the video took place in December by drug dealers in the Kipling Avenue and Dixon Road area of Toronto (Armstrong, 2013). Ethical Decision Made

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