Ethical Dilemma Essay

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An ethical dilemma is a conflict of moral principles, occurring when a person faces certain situations, where adhering to one particular principle might result in the violation of the other. cite this source. Where did you get it? YOu also need a topic sentences that tells us that you faced an ethical dilemma. I used to work in the financial control department for a large Jordanian company. I was informed that the company provides scholarship for its employees for some elective classes, so I discovered there was a class for financial analysis, and it would cost $850. My manager promised me I could attend this Class if I achieved the monthly target, So I worked hard at my job, and when I believed that I would reach the goal, I enrolled in the course before the deadline. I enrolled in the course before I achieved the goal because the course deadline came first, and if I did not enroll before the deadline, I would not be able to attend the course. However, just before the course was going to start, my manager changed his mind. He decided to send some of the team members to a special conference, and he was short the money it would cost for my course. As a result he told me to forget about attending the class, but I didn't want to give up going to the class. I had two options. The first option was complaining to the human recourses department, and the second option was to pay out of my pocket and avoid challenging my manager. As long as I had not done anything wrong, I had the right to complain, so I decided to inform HR. At that time I thought that HR had the most powerful authority when it came to employees issues. Unfortunately, I was wrong. After I sent the complaint, I received a response in less than two hours, informing me that the manager had the authority to cancel my class approval. And yes I paid for that class and my manger put me

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