Ethical Dilemma Essay

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Ethical Dilemma xxxxxxxxx CJA/324 ETHICS IN CRIMINAL JUSTICE December 20, 2012 xxxxxxxxxxxxx Ethical Dilemma The huge ethical dilemma that rocked Tim Cook, the new chief executive officer (CEO) of Apple Inc early this year, was the threat to commit suicide of 150 of the workers of Foxconn. After the unfortunate death of Apple’s CEO Steve Jobs in late 2011, Tim Cook was left to pick up the pieces as Apple Inc’s new CEO. Early in 2012, about 150 of the workers at Foxconn, the world’s largest manufacturer of electronics and supplier to Apple Inc, threatened to commit suicide ("Leaders We Deserve", 2012). It took two days for the 150 workers to be talked down from the top of their third floor office building in Wuhan, China. The reason that the Chinese workers at Foxconn threatened to commit a mass suicide was in protest to their working conditions ("Leaders We Deserve", 2012). Although Foxconn is its own company and is only a supplier of Apple Inc, the CEO of Apple Inc or any company’s CEO has ethical responsibility to all the workers of the companies that they use to produce their own products ("Leaders We Deserve", 2012). After the news of the mass suicide protest in the Wuhan factory of Foxconn, the relationship between Foxconn and Apple Inc were on the rocks and unsure of what was going to happen. When it came time for Apple Inc to make the decision on who was going to be the supplier for their new production line in October 2012, Tim Cook, Apple’s new CEO had to choose whether or not to continue working with Foxconn. The relationship between the two companies started to flourish again in May 2012 when Foxconn said that they were investing 210 million dollars to improve the working conditions in the company to get Apple to let them build the production line for Apple Inc in October ("Leaders We Deserve", 2012). In April 2012, Foxconn announced that they
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