Ethical Dilema Worksheet Essay

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Colorado Technical University MGMT 115 Introductory Business Practices Professor Steve Israel Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for MGMT 115 Introductory Business Practices Miguel’s Security By Miguel A. Lopez Colorado Springs, Colorado June 2012 Abstract I will be explaining why I would like to own a Security company, hire mostly veterans, and help better the local & state economy. In addition, I will be discussing some the history of security and strategies to better run and maintain a good local business in the state of Colorado. Security is something that is needed everywhere we go, like stores, schools, locations, and other areas. Being in the military that is one of the first things they teach you are Security. Military focuses more on securing gates, towers, buildings and personal are the type of security that is used in today military. With all the special training, weapons, and equipment are all keys to success and making a great security team with great mission success. This is one of many reasons why I would hire veterans in my company because of all the training, commitment, heart, and dedication to duty are what make veterans a must for a successful business. Hiring veterans would greatly help the local economy, create jobs, and help family better help them in this current economic situation. I would try to hire between 50-75 employers, with about 20 plus local location, running on a 24 hour shift depending on the location(s). I would have three 12 hours shift, four 10 hours shift, and/or five 8 hours shift,

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