Ethical Dilema Paper

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Ethical Dilemma Paper Adam Bishop Azusa Pacific University The Case Study In my first years of teaching, I was meeting with the school principal about my goals for the year. At the end of the meeting the principal asked me if I wanted an extra stipend on my pay. He explained the situation to me that he wanted to get some of the classified staff at the school some extra money for the extra things they do. The principal had tried to get the classified staff a stipend but the school district declined them. The principal said that he would try to get me a stipend for the student club I was advisor for but I would have to split that amount of money with one of the classified staff he wanted to get a stipend for. The principal wanted to use me to receive the stipend because I was on the low end of the pay scale and very little money would be lost to taxes. There were a few catches to receiving the stipend. The club I advised for was not to have a stipend. Also, once I got the stipend I would just write a personal check to the classified employee that did extra work at the school without getting paid. As well, there were many other teachers that were advisors at the school that did not receive a stipend for being an advisor. There were a few factors in deciding to receive the stipend or not. It was only my second year of teaching in the school district and I was a probation teacher. I could be fired easily for any reasonable explanation. This instance might not get me fired but the principal might not be on my good side and look for anything to fire me. In my first years of teaching, any extra money would help me in paying my bills and student loans. I was doing extra work being an advisor for this club and not receiving compensation for it. Just because there wasn’t a stipend for this position, why

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